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How Computer Business Consultants became Orlando, Florida’s Premiere IT Service and Cybersecurity Provider

Our story began with a purpose; that every business should be able to grow using technology. Since 1996, we’ve been focused on our goal of changing the business landscape by providing effective digital services.

Today, thanks to the same resolve, we’re amongst the leading technology companies in the world. Our services are solving key challenges by connecting businesses with intuitive solutions. Our commitment to changing lives has remained constant as our services continue to evolve based on the ever-changing needs of consumers.

We Provide Services that Move the Needle – Empowering Progress   

As strong believers in a sustainable future, Computer Business has been embodying the values of sustainability, inclusion, and privacy across all of our verticals. Powered by a team that celebrates differences, we provide services that amplify technology in different ways. From finance to healthcare, we’re using technology to solve complex problems and create impactful solutions.

Powered by A Dynamic Team – Our Core   

With over two decades of experience, our team is comprised of experienced industry leaders that are united over the goal of creating sustainable client-end solutions. We’re proud to embody diversity and inclusivity throughout our organization.

We’re focused on solving key challenges faced by industries through creativity and resourcefulness. As part of our business philosophy, we have diverted organizational resources to our dynamic internal teams that work cohesively to provide streamlined services to cover your needs.

We Care About the Community – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As part of our organizational culture, we strongly believe in the importance of giving back to the community. We support social equality, diversity, and sustainability as core facets of our organizational values.

We’re supporting local communities around Florida by improving digital literacy and providing supportive services to governmental and non-governmental organizations. Our CSR initiatives are a key aspect of our business, and we’re deeply committed to giving back to the community.