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Improve Doctor’s Experience While Optimizing Cost – Complete Healthcare IT Solutions

Computer Business Consultants delivers dynamic solutions for healthcare providers to improve patient engagement and modernize management. Our dynamic solutions help you cater to modern patient-care demands. We have provided solutions to some of Orlando’s leading providers. Our solutions allow doctors to work from home or on vacation while still meeting HIPAA standards. We can be your practice’s outsourced, yet local, IT department.

Our Core Expertise

As trusted partners of leading healthcare institutions across Central Florida, we help our clients implement fit-to-purpose healthcare solutions.

  • Remote Medical Solutions
  • Digital Health Analytics
  • Automation in Healthcare Management
  • Advanced AI-Based Systems

Modern Healthcare IT Services from Orlando, Florida

Compliant Data Storage

We provide a complete lifecycle of HIPAA compliant protected health information (PHI), electronic health records (EHR), health information management (HIM), and security risk analysis (SRA). Our safe data storage ensures that your medical data is handled through compliant methods and protected against any unauthorized access.

Healthcare Infrastructure Update, Maintenance, and Migration

We help you update your existing healthcare infrastructure and ecosystem in line with modern technologies to deliver better patient management. Our approach helps you upgrade legacy systems by revamping architecture and transforming UI to improve usability. We bring in added value by providing extended support to assist with required transition periods.

Healthcare Cloud Services

We create HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructures to help you with remote healthcare management. With seamless scalability and inherent flexibility, our cloud services are optimal for secure management. You also have the ability to migrate your existing legacy applications to the cloud and decrease the load resulting from legacy systems. We help you ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime. We’re also the ideal partners to create new native applications based on your custom needs with cutting-edge infrastructure support.

Move to A Comprehensive Healthcare Ecosystem

With the evolution of the healthcare industry, providers need to have access to advanced tools to assist with operational performance. New technologies are essential to enhance better healthcare outcomes and improve patient safety.

Computer Business provides you with a dynamic healthcare solution to overhaul your conventional systems and shift to a modern ecosystem. With over 25 years of industry experience, our clients range from individual doctor’s offices to multi-location clinics and hospitals.

Why Our Healthcare IT Services?

As a leading cyber security firm with over 25 years of experience, we help you stay protected against acting threats by adopting a holistic approach. We upgrade your digital infrastructure to keep you protected against malicious attempts while empowering your teams to improve the broader security management strategy.

With proven experience as a leading healthcare IT solutions provider, we create products that improve management and optimize conventional workflows. Our healthcare consultants actively work on the products to help care providers with required IT solutions to address major market requirements.

At Computer Business Consultants, our development process incorporates modern industry standards to facilitate improved performance and deliver exceptional results. With our managed services and expert IT staff, you don’t have to worry about your digital infrastructure again.