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Standout as Orlando’s Finest with Computer Business Consultants IT Hospitality Solutions

Explore effective hospitality solutions to deal with passionate tourists from around the world. Computer Business Consultants helps you manage guests surges with streamlined digital solutions. We help hotels, resorts, and hospitality companies with a complete range of digital services, from room booking solutions to uninterrupted guest wifi.

Our services provide the answer to the most pressing requirements of the Florida hospitality sector with cost-effective plans. 

Get Reliable Network Coverage – Explore Computer Business Network Connectivity

With the surge of people looking to relieve their post-pandemic stress, hotels need to have the proper digital infrastructure to support customer requirements. The last thing you want is for customers to leave negative reviews about your wifi connectivity or online booking system.

Computer Business helps you deal with booking surges with reliable network support. We let you seamlessly manage customer requirements with state-of-the-art network infrastructure tailed for your hospitality needs.

Get Experienced IT Support From Florida’s Very Best – Computer Business Services

We help you deliver a personalized guest experience with customer-focused solutions designed to transform hospitality management. Our services provide comprehensive coverage for modern-day requirements and help you adopt a data-driven approach.

Here are our key services.

  • Billing Module Management
  • Restaurant POS Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Room Booking Services
  • IT Support


As a leading local IT company, Computer Business has an established history of providing quality IT services to hotels, resorts, and businesses throughout the Southeast. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names to help them with booking management, digital infrastructure, and customer support. With over two decades of experience, we understand the technology requirements of timeshare resorts and hotels and help you explore the right solutions. 

Transform Your Management with Custom Hospitality IT Solutions

Advanced Room Booking Solutions

Shift to a modern room booking solution with Computer Business services. We help you deal with customer surges with fast online books and integrated digital payments.

Fast Network Connectivity   

Create a welcoming experience for your customers with high-speed internet and network access to keep your systems up and running.

Data Protection

Our anti-intrusion systems, firewalls, smart access control devices, and end-to-end encryption ensure that your data is always safe against potential breaches.

Comply with Auditory Requirements

We help you comply with established state and regulatory guidelines with ease.

Automated Inventory Control

We automate routine IT tasks to help you focus on growth initiatives with custom IT solutions.

Simplify Your Bookings this Holiday Season

Connect with our experts today to discuss blazing-fast booking systems for your hotel.