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Protecting Communities with
Technology – Law Enforcement
IT Solutions

Computer Business Consultants is the trusted provider of reliable law enforcement solutions to improve community safety. We provide proven solutions to enable law enforcement agencies to optimize workflow and create secure communities around the country. We work tirelessly to ensure law enforcement technology is always working. Reliability is the focus of our law enforcement services.

Our Primary Expertise

We’re enhancing reliability in the law enforcement sector by supporting dynamic products to help law enforcement agencies.

  • Record Management Systems
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch Systems
  • CJIS Information Technology Security Audit Assessment
  • Compliance Audits
  • Infrastructure Maintenance

Improving Domestic Security with Technology

At Computer Business Consultants, we strongly believe in the importance of safe local communities. That is why we’re constantly investing in improving our services and products to assist law enforcement agencies with communication, record management, and compliance.

We’re the trusted partner of leading Florida agencies due to our diverse workforce, proven expertise, and innovative approach.

Why Our Law Enforcement IT Services?

We’ve partnered with leading law enforcement firms in the public and private sectors for over two decades to develop effective security products. Our streamlined solutions have helped local agencies to improve customer satisfaction and internal business management. Our products in the sector are refined to deliver exceptional citizen engagement and case management solutions that help law enforcement protect citizens.

At Computer Business Consultants, we provide custom security and protection solutions to governmental and private stakeholders to enhance citizen protection and security management. Our technical innovation and industry-leading expertise make us the go-to choice for sophisticated IT solutions in the law enforcement sector.

Transforming Citizen Protection – Cutting-Edge Law Enforcement IT Services

Computer Business Consultants are CJIS Compliance Audit Experts

Our understanding of the complex security requirements of law enforcement infrastructures allows us to create effective products that comply with local and national guidelines. We have a proven history of assisting enforcement agencies with mandatory state audits including the CJIS Information Technology Security Audit Assessment.

Advanced Record Management Systems

With the evolution of technology, it is essential for law enforcement agencies to upgrade to modern storage standards. Computer Business helps law enforcement agencies with the development of cutting-edge Record Management Systems (RMS). Our developed systems simplify data storage, organization, and integration across different systems.

Navigate Your Way Through the Challenges of a CJIS Information Technology Security Audit Assessment.

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