Developing a Culture of Security Within Your Organization

The culture of security is more about awareness and changing the company culture than training alone. It is an investment in the organization that will reap great returns. It does not just exist in the boardroom, or management meetings, a culture of security exists throughout the entire organization.

The culture of security transforms everyone in the organization from being security liabilities into security assets.  All members of the organization become cybersecurity guards, detecting and protecting the company’s network, and most importantly the company’s data.

This culture is about reducing vulnerabilities.  It is about having all employees contribute, to be watchful and alert, to bring to the attention of other employees and management when there is a concern about the security of the company’s data, or when a suspicious email or even phone call is received with regards to data security and money.

Companies should educate all members of an organization the methods at which cyber hackers attempt to compromise an organization.  Techniques such as using “phishing”, which is the attempt to obtain sensitive information, or data, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details, or to initiate fake money transfers or vendor payments, by disguising oneself as trustworthy through the use of emails, phone calls, and other electronic communications. Often hackers will use email to get the recipient to click a link or open a document that will then transmit the payload to the recipient’s computer and then infect the company network.

An organization’s cybersecurity does not just depend on technology.  All the firewalls and anti-virus in the world will not help if a cyber hacker is inadvertently let in through the front door by an employee. Developing a culture of security throughout an organization is the best way to protect your organization from cybersecurity threats.

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