Lake County School Board Recognizes CEO Clinton Pownall for Career Technical Education Program Curriculum Review

The Lake County School Board officially recognizes Computer Business Consultants CEO, Clinton Pownall for his contribution and as Chair of the Information Technology Program Review Committee.   The purpose of the Review Committee is to determine whether or not the State of Florida Career Technical Education, CTE, programs and skills as set forth by the Florida Department of Education reflect current and projected workplace needs. The Committee Reviews the State of Florida Curriculum every 2-years.

The Florida Department of Education has set curriculum frameworks for each CTE program offered. By law, those are the minimum skills that must be taught in each course in order for students to earn a graduation elective credit.  However, additional skills necessary to fulfill current technology and the needs of the workplace are determined and to what depth each skill is taught, by a review panel recommendations chaired by CEO Clinton A. Pownall.

The Information Technology programs are comprised of:  Applied Cybersecurity, Network Support Services I, II, & III, Game/Simulation/Animation Programming, and Web Development.  Students must complete at least three sequential courses in a program.  By completing three courses, students learn entry-level job skills; qualify for articulated credit at Florida post-secondary schools and have the opportunity to earn Industry Certifications for their fields of study.

Computer Business CEO Clinton Pownall also serves on the Career Technical Education Advisory Committee, The Lake County Schools Technical Advisory Committee, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Next Generation Learning Committee, Chair of the South Lake Chamber of Commerce Education Committee, and serves as a Board member for the Orlando Shakespeare Theater in Partnership with UCF.

Computer Business Consultants, Inc and CEO Clinton A. Pownall are proud supporters of Education and of the Arts.

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