Network Security: What is a firewall, and how will a firewall protect my business?

Firewalls and Network Security

For as long as businesses have used the internet, malicious actors have tried to breach those businesses via the internet. Over time, the methods used by these hackers have gotten more and more sophisticated. For that reason, the tools utilized by companies to combat these bad actors have also gotten more sophisticated. One of the most effective network security measures is a firewall. A firewall network security solution can be managed by Computer Business Consultants. Allowing us to do that work for you is a simple and cost-effective method to prevent a vast majority of network security threats to your Central Florida business.

A firewall is a security device working like a border around your internal network. A firewall inspects all incoming and outgoing traffic through your internal network, filtering out malware and blocking those bad actors trying to access your internal network without permission.

A firewall does not just keep your network secure from the outside, but can also keep your employees secure and increase your workplace productivity and by restricting access to content against your company guidelines.

Whether a small business or a large corporation, network security 101 requires a firewall. Computer Business Consultants specializes in network security in Orlando and all across Florida if you need firewall support or management.

Should my corporation or small business have a firewall?

While they might be acceptable for use at home, a built-in firewall such as Windows Defender cannot keep your business safe. With all your client’s data and information on your business’s finances, every business is a target.

Merely having cybersecurity technology such as a firewall is not enough to keep your business secure. These firewalls need a managed service provider to update and maintain the firewall to keep your network secure at all times. Any business that procures a firewall from Computer Business Consultants receives a Next-Generation Firewall. That means your business will have a firewall with the most cutting-edge technology available, combining the inspection tools of a traditional firewall with advanced network intrusion detection and blocking systems.

Managing a Next-Generation Firewall is no simple task. Many small businesses and corporations choose to have the local Orlando team at Computer Business Consultants, with offices near Clermont and Winter Garden, manage all of their cybersecurity and network security needs to remain as safe and efficient as possible.

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If you need fast and local support in the Orlando area, Computer Business Consultants is the best choice to manage your firewall.

Managing a firewall is a task that requires daily monitoring. Having the team of experts at Computer Business Consultants at your side managing, updating, and sorting through the “gray areas” of your firewall will save you time and allow you to focus on your business.

When your business has a managed firewall from Computer Business Consultants, you have an entire organization working to keep your firewall and your business as secure as possible. Our Network Operations Center is designed to keep all firewalls under our management umbrella fully licensed and updated at all times. That means those pesky firmware updates you keep putting off or those websites you forgot to whitelist get taken care of for you, letting you continue to run your business. Our Security Operations Center stands ready 24/7/365 to immediately react to and quarantine any threats detected or whitelist any websites relevant to your business that appear as threats.

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