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A Passwordless Future

Passwords have been the first step in securing your data for generations. However, for as long as passwords have been around, there have been criminals trying to steal them and access the data they protect. For this reason, passwords have undergone multiple evolutions over time.

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Protecting Your Business from Ransomware

What is a ransomware attack?
Ransomware is a digital way for bad actors to hold your data hostage. Using a variety of phishing schemes or trojan horse applications, these malefactors gain access to computer systems or company data and deny the original users access until a bounty is paid.

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Are Apple AirTags Safe for Business

In April of 2021, Apple entered the Bluetooth tracker game with their long-awaited AirTag. Starting at $29, this quarter-shaped, battery-operated Bluetooth tracking device has taken the Bluetooth tracker market by storm. Unlike other Bluetooth trackers, AirTags use Apple’s “Find My” network.

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Windows 11

Microsoft has begun rolling out their newest OS, Windows 11. With this new OS, Windows is bringing some changes to the way it looks. Microsoft also includes some new security features to better compete with Apple both in aesthetics and security. This article will explain the key elements of Windows 11 and help you decide when the right time to upgrade is.

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Why I Support the Arts

As a long-time supporter of the arts, I’m always trying to nudge others into joining the effort, especially those who have enjoyed sufficient success to make such support painless for them, and significant for whichever area of the arts they choose.

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For Hackers, It Pays to Be Nice

Hackers often say they are driven by curiosity and the challenge of breaking into systems that others have tried to keep them out of. Along they way, too many descend into a deeper form of criminality, using their skills to steal funds, abscond with intellectual property, or to extort funds in the form of ransomware.

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