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Computer Business Immutable Storage for Business

Immutable storage is a data storage system that does not allow changes to stored information. It ensures that stored data remains persistent, secure, and unchanged. It can be used to store sensitive or critical data such as financial records, medical records, or legal documents. Immutable storage systems guarantee data integrity by using an append-only approach that prevents any data from being changed or overwritten without leaving a record of the changes.

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Network Security: What is a firewall, and how will a firewall protect my business?

For as long as businesses have used the internet, malicious actors have tried to breach those businesses via the internet. Over time, the methods used by these hackers have gotten more and more sophisticated. For that reason, the tools utilized by companies to combat these bad actors have also gotten more sophisticated. One of the most effective network security measures is a firewall.

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Need Local Tech Support in the Orlando Area?

Do you own a small business or mid-size corporation in the Orlando area? Are you protected from hackers, phishing, and ransomware? No business is safe with state-sponsored entities like Evil Corp working day-in and day-out to penetrate even the smallest of business’ networks. You need experts at your side to provide your business with constant local Orlando IT Support.

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iOS 16: Apple’s Most Secure Mobile Operating System Yet

OS 16 is introducing a significant facelift to the lock screen. For the first time in the history of the iPhone, users can customize the font and color of the time and date shown on every lock screen. Alongside this, Apple is adding widgets (similar to those found on every Apple Watch) to the lock screen for increased functionality and information.

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