Protecting Your Business from Ransomware

What is a ransomware attack?

Ransomware is a digital way for bad actors to hold your data hostage. Using a variety of phishing schemes or trojan horse applications, these malefactors gain access to computer systems or company data and deny the original users access until a bounty is paid.

In our increasingly computer-dependent world, these types of attacks have skyrocketed. According to data from cybersecurity company Sonicwall, ransomware attacks in 2021 have increased by 232% since 2019. Businesses large or small, from hospitals to Fortune 500 companies to even your small business, can all be targeted.

Ransomware in Florida

Over the years, there have been many highly publicized ransomware attacks with multi-million dollar bounties, such as the Colonial Pipeline attack in May 2021. However, these attacks are not only directed at large corporations. Now more than ever, businesses around Florida are being targeted. According to the Orlando Sentinel, there were 338 data breaches reported to our state Attorney General in 2020, with those numbers projected to rise in the future. 

Ransomware has created so much of an economic toll in Florida that a bill preventing local governments from negotiating with hackers is on the way to being passed. This bill would focus on the prevention of cybercrime before they can occur instead of paying up to the demands of hackers.


How to prevent ransomware attacks

So, what can you do to help prevent these types of attacks from affecting you and your business? When it comes to ransomware, the best offense is a good defense. For your first layer of protection, it is crucial for your devices always to be up-to-date with any security updates. Having robust password policies and multi-factor login methods is a must. Next, you must back up and secure your data in an offline location. Creating a culture of cybersecurity to prevent an attack before it can happen is crucial in preventing cybercrime such as a ransomware attacks.

These safety practices, and many more, are the standards we maintain at Computer Business Consultants. Keeping our clients’ business operational and data secure is more crucial than ever in today’s digital age.

For more information on preventing ransomware attacks, check out this guide from Computer Business Consultants, or contact us for a consultation regarding your IT needs.

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