Secure Remote Access: How Computer Business Consultants can streamline your remote workforce

Secure Remote Access is an evolution of traditional VPNs that allows remote users to connect faster and more securely. Read below to learn more about this technology and how Computer Business Consultants can help your remote workforce connect up to 3x times faster than before.

Traditional VPN architecture and its speed limitations

A virtual private network, or VPN, is something you may have become familiar with in the last few years as workforces embrace more hybrid models. In short, a traditional VPN creates a private connection to your business or office network via the public network where the remote user’s location is. 

Though traditional VPNs are a tried-and-true method to work remotely, it requires the remote user to access their company’s entire network. VPN connections use excessive network resources, which can slow down connection speeds and decrease the efficiency of your remote workforce.

Secure Remote Access model and how it works

As more companies shift to hybrid-style work environments, the need for a more efficient and secure method to remotely connect to an office is required. The solution is the Computer Business Secure Remote Access model. This method always implies no trust based on a Zero Trust security system. In this fully encrypted system, not only do users need to verify their identity, but they must also pass a multi-factor authentication check to gain access. Whether you are a CEO connecting to your business from home, or a remote worker connecting to the office from a coffee shop, all network traffic is verified and authenticated before allowing access.

Another critical difference between traditional VPNs and Secure Remote Access is the time it takes to connect. As mentioned before, Traditional VPN users must log in and connect to their organization’s entire network, which is often time-consuming and potentially hazardous. If just one remote user’s credentials become compromised, an organization’s entire network could be at stake. On the other hand, Secure Remote Access allows users to connect to only specific sections or applications on an organization’s network rather than the network as a whole. Secure Remote Access reduces threats and significantly increases the connection speed, as less work is needed to encrypt the network traffic required to establish and maintain a connection.

In summary, by connecting to only specific segments of an organization’s network, Secure Remote Access improves connection speeds by up to 3x times faster than a traditional VPN model. In addition to faster connection speeds, Secure Remote Access reduces threats by containing the connections to the specific network segments.

Secure Remote Access

How can Computer Business Consultants streamline your business with Secure Remote Access?

As hybrid work continues to grow, we at Computer Business Consultants are committed to creating a safer and more efficient remote work environment for our clients. Creating and monitoring a Secure Remote Access architecture for our clients is the next phase of cybersecurity and cloud security. 

Keeping up to date with developments in security technology has been a core principle for Computer Business Consultants since we began in 1996 by adapting to the numerous changes in workplace security technology.

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