Top 5 Cybersecurity Risks of Using Social Media for Business

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With the announcement of Bluesky, the ‘Twitter Killer’ App by Jack Dorsey today, businesses that like to keep up with the new marketing trends will jump on the opportunity to be the first to use the latest social media platform to promote their product and services. All businesses require some social media presence. All business owners need to be cognizant of the cyber threats amplified by putting their business on social media.

Social engineering

Cybercriminals actively use business social media accounts to gather information and engineer phishing attacks to compromise personal and final information.

Identity Theft

Businesses must be mindful of over-sharing information like full names and employee birthdays on social media. A simple post introducing the people behind your business can facilitate identity theft and expose your clients and employees to phishing attacks.


Many businesses rely on social media messaging to engage new clients. Cybercriminals disguised as potential customers can use direct messaging to spread malware. Every business is a target. Computer Business can help set up a robust security system to protect your business against malware.


Hackers often use email addresses shared on social media to spread malware by spamming businesses. Computer Business can install a spam filter to protect your business from an influx of spam and malicious emails.

Compromised Passwords

Employees often use the same password across multiple apps. This facilitates hackers guessing passwords and gaining access to your business’s sensitive data. Computer Business can help your company implement robust password policies requiring regular password changes and dual authentication.

Whether you need proactive monitoring against cyber threats or reactive response, contact Computer Business Consultants!

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