Training Your Team to Recognize Security Threats

With the ongoing risks breaches and other threats, companies often look for various ways to train their employees on the characteristics of cybersecurity threats. Often times employers believe there are too many obstacles involved with this training, however there are not as many as one would think.

In our experience, employees are receptive to training and often are already aware of the cybersecurity threats they and their organization face. More often than not employees are looking for continued training and organizations should continually train their employees on what to look for and how to stay vigilant as threats can change.

Trainings should include making employees aware of the characteristics of phishing emails, recognizing that email is one of the least secure methods of communication and that they should always be cognizant of data security. Other reminders include having a strict password policy, not saving usernames and passwords in the browser cache and frequently clearing your browser history.

These simple reminders can develop a culture of security within the organization and transform their employees from being security liabilities to security assets.   

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