Virtual Servers Increase Efficiency for North Texas Eye Center

There are multiple benefits to a business that uses virtual servers, and North Texas Eye Center is enjoying them.

  • Migrating physical servers over to virtual machines and consolidating them onto fewer physical servers means lower monthly power and cooling costs in the data center. For North Texas Eye Center, several applications were only using a small amount of processing power, so Computer Business Consultants was able to consolidate several machines into one server running multiple virtual environments.
  • In addition to saving money with reduced energy consumption, server consolidation also reduces the overall footprint of your entire data center. Fewer servers requires less networking gear and a smaller number of racks — all of which translates into less square footage for your data center.
  • The ability to quickly and easily move a virtual machine from one server to another increases uptime.
  • Virtualization enables faster disaster recovery.
  •  Server virtualization provides a way for companies to practice redundancy without purchasing additional hardware. Redundancy refers to running the same application on multiple servers. It’s a safety measure — if a server fails for any reason, another (virtual) server running the same application can take its place.

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