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Email Security

Email Security is one of the many cybersecurity and compliance tools we use at Computer Business to protect ourselves and our clients from cyber threats. Email has been the primary form of internal and external communication for many years for business. This makes email a large attack surface for hackers to exploit. Read more below to learn about the types of email threats, email best practices, and how Computer Business Consultants can help keep your business and its emails secure.

Types of email attacks

Over time, the methods used by hackers to obtain information via email have gotten more sophisticated and dramatically increased in volume since the Covid-19 pandemic. Research has shown over three-fourths of companies in 2020 experienced a phishing attack, with the overwhelming majority of those attacks initiated via email.

And once these bad actors gain Initial Access via one of the email scams listed below, they can install ransomware to harm or halt your business.

Below are the most common types of attacks done via email that Computer Business Consultants can help protect your business from:

Spoofing: This is when hackers edit the metadata of their emails to appear as someone else. Using social engineering, hackers pretend to be members of the organization in order to attain information, such as financial information or login credentials, to help them infiltrate your business.

Phishing: This is a more widespread type of attack hackers use to infiltrate an organization. After social engineering and research into your business, hackers pretend to be a company’s customers, financial institutions, or partners to gain credentials or financial information. Frequently, phishing emails have attention-grabbing subjects such as Urgent, Important, or Payment Due.

Spam: This is one of the most common ways hackers gain information about your business. Often including harmful attachments or links, spam emails are usually sent in bulk to gain any information from a large group of recipients. These emails waste company time and could harm your company if not quarantined appropriately.

The comprehensive email security offered at Computer Business Consultants provides around-the-clock protection from all the above types of email threats to help keep your business safe.

Email Best Practices

Alongside an email security solution provided by Computer Business Consultants, there are many email security best practices users can follow to limit cyber threats from affecting their businesses.

First and foremost, never send important credentials or financial information (such as bank account numbers or credit card details) over email. Anyone asking for that information has nefarious intentions. And in the case of a data leak or security breach, that information cannot be seen if it’s never been sent via email.

Next, always verify any unknown or surprise transaction requests before fulfilling them. As mentioned above, a standard method for these bad actors to gain critical financial information is to pose as a financial institution or insider of your organization by simply asking for it.

Lastly, it is essential for every business in today’s world to maintain a culture of cybersecurity. This means implementing multi-factor authentication on as many applications as possible. It is also essential to have strong password policies throughout your organization. Another significant measure is training employees to recognize the signs of a phishing attempt, whether done via email or other means.

Today, every business needs a disaster recovery plan. For more information on backup and disaster recovery plans for your Central Florida business, view our plans here.

Email Security

How Computer Business can help keep your email and your business secure

Comprehensive email scanning and blocking are one of the many cybersecurity tools we implement for our clients. In today’s computer-dependent world, keeping your business’ emails as secure as possible is crucial. By actively blocking spam and threat emails that otherwise would cause downtime in the event of a compromise, an email security solution from Computer Business Consultants can keep your business secure and increase your employees’ efficiency. A key value of Computer Business Consultants is limiting the digital risks your business could face.

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