Windermere Police Department works with Computer Business to pass FDLE Technical Audit with 100% compliancy


Windermere, FL  The Windermere Florida Police Department has passed their Florida Department of Law Enforcement, FDLE, Criminal Justice Information Systems, CJIS, Technical Audit with a full 100% compliancy.  The objective of the FDLE CJIS Technical Audit is to verify compliance of the policies and regulations set by both the Florida  Crime Information Center (FCIC), and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), adherence to the FBI CJIS Security Policies, and to state and federal laws and administrative codes.  The Technical Audits are conducted every three years, or when necessary to ensure compliance standards are met.

The Windermere Police Department’s audit was performed to gain insight regarding the agency’s Computer Network and Systems maintained by Computer Business and how it handles Criminal Justice Information (CJI).   The auditors met with Computer Business personnel and with Windermere PD’s staff to review the agency’s IT infrastructure, security compliance, and the agency’s policies and procedures. Windermere Police Department’s Sergeant Jayson Bonk, is the Local Agency Security Officer, LASO, and led the agency’s audit.

Windermere’s Police Chief, Dave Ogden, commented, “Sergeant Jayson Bonk and Computer Business did an amazing job getting us through the audit.  The technical audits are not easy. Other agency departments are not as fortunate to be staffed with experienced and capable personnel like Jayson and the team of competent IT professionals from Computer Business who understand the compliance and security required for law enforcement agencies”.

Computer Business has had 100% pass compliancy with all FDLE Technical Audits they have participated in.  “We maintain a strict compliancy in security for all our clients whether they are Law Enforcement agencies,  Healthcare, Logistics, Government Municipalities, or Manufacturing and Distribution.” said Computer Business CEO Clinton Pownall.  “We understand the unique needs of Law Enforcement.  All of our techs and engineers are CJIS certified for Law Enforcement and regardless of the industry, our team is thoroughly trained using our best practices for all our clients in adherence to our internal IT Security policies.”

The Windermere Police Department is dedicated to providing a high level of service using 21st century professional policing standards.   The mission of the Department is to ensure the safety and security of all people in the Town of Windermere.  The Windermere Police Department is a community oriented police department working closely with the community to maintain a high quality of service.

Computer Business is a full-service IT company offering a comprehensive suite of IT services ranging from complete IT Managed Services and Security to innovative custom designed solutions.  Computer Business has a world-wide client base in a broad range of industries including healthcare, law enforcement, financial, legal, technology, real estate, logistics, Government/Municipalities, B2B and B2C, and the U.S. military.

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