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Internet Security is a requirement for today’s business – everyone is a target!

Internet Security is a requirement for today’s business – everyone is a target!


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How do we protect your business?

Create a culture of Security Computer Business turns your employees into security assets instead of security liabilities. Making employees aware of just how serious and costly breaches are and how their knowledge and vigilance could cut down on 60% of all breaches.

Develop a proactive Security Plan. Using technology by protecting your organization from outside threats as well as those from the inside is just the start. Implementing workflows, controlling access, and setting security standards provides a complete solution.

Assess what may already have been or can be breached. We provide 24x7 security monitoring to proactively prevent threats. Our penetration testing of both the outside and the inside of your network assesses what may have already been compromised.

Proactively prevent new threats. Innovative and systematic approaches to security are necessary. Very few companies are able to meet those requirements on their own. The constant threat of viruses, Malware, and Ransomware by hackers is forcing companies to focus on protecting their Computer Networks and Data rather than focus on growing their businesses. Computer Business Consultants works with you to assess your current IT needs, then designs and implements a robust Computer Network Security solution that protects both you and your customers while allowing you to efficiently run your business.

Are you sure your NETWORK is SECURE?