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backup recovery

Ensure Business Continuity with Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) Services

Computer Business Consultants Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) services ensure that you always have safe, robust, and regular backups of your mission-critical data. Our recovery services help you complete the restoration process within minutes and hop right back into action. We can even use your backup data to create a replica virtual work environment. At the same time, we restore the data to your physical server. Recovery has never been smoother.

Given the nature of computer hardware, system failures are an unavoidable reality. No matter how advanced your storage technology is, it will likely stop working at some point in time. The resulting downtime from that outage can have a detrimental impact on your business.

Beyond technology failure, ransomware is having a significant impact on businesses. By holding critical data hostage, malicious software can completely disrupt your operations. Having an effective BDR provider can help you avert this problem by providing you access to regular backups.

Avoid Costly Downtime – Effective Backup and Recovery Solutions   

Managing data security can be a significant challenge. Businesses nationwide lose millions of dollars in digital assets due to lost data. A substantial part of that loss is a result of ineffective backups. Backup and recovery solutions protect companies against these losses and keep businesses covered in case of unforeseen events. 

Computer Business Consultants’ data backup and recovery services keep you protected with structured solutions that help you recover data within minutes. Thanks to our experience in the industry, we ensure that you experience minimal downtime. Computer Business Consultants provide seamless access to your backups with cloud storage and integrated security to deliver a complete solution.

backup recovery

Our Core Expertise

We help organizations of all sizes with data protection and backup options stay protected against digital threats, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters. Here are our primary areas of focus:

  • Data Recovery Options
  • Remote Backup Restoration
  • Backup Monitoring
  • Business Continuity Management

Automated Backups to Keep Your Data Secure

Having regular backups is the best way to ensure that your critical data is secure. Our team protects your data integrity by setting up automatic data backups over regular periods. Our system allows you to recover and restore data with the shortest turnaround seamlessly.

We base our assessment approach primarily on loss detection, evaluation, and restoration to ensure that you have minimum downtime on your mission-critical assets. We also work with you to understand your personalized needs and set up the proper data backup and recovery strategy for your company.

Why Our Backup and Recovery Services?

As a leading Florida IT services provider, we’ve been working with Fortune 500 companies to help them manage their data backup and recovery options. Our team includes experienced local professionals that work around the clock to ensure that your digital infrastructure is always up and running.

Aside from complying with established regulatory standards, we help businesses with BDR virtualization to ensure continuity in case of business failures.

Our Backup and Recovery Services 

Centralized Data Backups

Our centralized backup service automatically backs up your data from remote websites to a secure location for safe storage. You can manage the frequency of backups based on your operational priorities.

Proactive Monitoring

Our data monitoring system actively monitors your data to ensure that the backup process is seamless. We keep you updated with alerts to ensure that you’re always up to date with your configurations.

Data Replication

We maintain your critical data in multiple global locations to ensure that you’re able to have a quick recovery in case of a disruption. Our contingent data management ensures that at least one remote server has a live data backup if an attack impacts your digital assets.

Recover Your Data Safely in Case of An Emergency!

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