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Computer Business offers Orlando Ransomware Protection – Every Business is a Target!


Security Threats Are Inevitable – Keep Your Infrastructure Secure

As businesses become almost virtual, they face unprecedented exposure to security risks. Cyber-attacks have been increasing at a monumental pace resulting in significant monetary and operational impacts on companies. Developing a comprehensive security approach is essential to have constant protection in today’s business environment.

Computer Business Consultants’ Cyber Security Services protect you against potential security threats by providing across-the-board protection. We use established management strategies and industry-leading experts to mitigate your organizational exposure to risks.

Our Core Expertise

Our industry-leading experts have decades of collective experience providing security support to leading organizations in Florida and across the country. Here are our core service areas:

  • Security Plan Development
  • Network Assessment
  • Contingency Server Management
  • Automated Threat Detection with our Security
    Operations Center

Our Core Cyber Security Services

Network Security Management

With the sharp increase in DDoS attacks, companies must establish contingencies to keep themselves protected. Computer Business helps you counteract network security threats with AI-powered detection tools and an elaborate response plan. Our cyber security team monitors lateral movement in your cloud environment. It prevents attacks before they circumvent your security solutions.

Proactive Threat Prevention

Our Security Operations Center secures your ecosystem and mission-critical assets. Computer Business Consultants’ cyber security services include threat assessment and risk management. We use AI and human-powered monitoring tools to catch bad actors before they impact your systems. Our advanced monitoring agents help you stay protected against attacks by malware, viruses, and ransomware.

Disaster Recovery Management

Having workflow disruptions due to unforeseen natural events or disasters can be very costly for your business. We help you establish contingencies to mitigate server risk and keep things running. Our robust disaster recovery services allow you to quickly replicate your environment and re-deploy in case of a server failure. Aside from our offsite backup and recovery options, we also provide across-the-board support to assist you through the process. Our offsite backup solutions meet or exceed most compliance standards, including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SSAE, and FIPS-140.

Counteracting Ransomware with the Right Strategy

Ransomware is the latest threat to wreak havoc in the digital world. Thousands of companies have suffered from their data being held hostage by malicious actors demanding huge pay-outs. To protect your company against this threat, it is important to have the right security support and strategy.

Combined with our Security Services, Computer Business Back up and Recovery Services ensures that your data is protected against ransomware and other threats.

Address Threats with Accurate Assessments

To ensure that your network environment is protected, we adopt a source-based detection system to pre-emptively detect threats and empower you to take action. Our signals are based on user identification and host device assessment using artificial intelligence to deliver precise results.

With our cutting-edge threat detection system, you have the ability to respond with accuracy against acting threats and eliminate the noise of dealing with false positives. Computer Business also protects your existing security structure by providing support for leading third-party solutions.

Why Our Cyber Security Services?

As a leading cyber security firm with over 25 years of experience, we help you stay protected against acting threats by adopting a holistic approach. We upgrade your digital infrastructure to keep you protected against malicious attempts while empowering your teams to improve the broader security management strategy.

Our Cyber Security Services provide solutions based on your network dynamics and digital infrastructure to keep you protected at all times. Embrace a secure digital experience; check out our plans now.

Diagnose Your Network Against Acting Threats!